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Baby Phat Gold Ring
Louis Vuitton Ankle High Boots
**Louis Vuitton Denim Speedy Bag** Jessica Simpson Handbag
The World of Fashion
Louis vuitton Black Audra Summer Bag
Louis Vuitton White Multicolored Leonar Bag! Shoulder Bag
Louis Vuitton Cherry Keepall 45
Louis Vuitton White Muticolored BELT
Fendi Shoes in Brown & Black Color You're Choice Of Pick!
Louis Vuitton White Keepall 45
Yellow Louis Vuitton glamourous Bag
Louis Vuitton Brown BAG WALTZ Oscar
Red Dior Sandals
Louis Vuitton Jean shoes
Christian Dior Baby Pink Heel shoes
Christian Dior Logo Open-Toe Mule
Christian Dior Rasta Mule Shoe
White Louis Vuitton Beach Sandal
Louis Vuitton Denim Two-Piece Bikini
Louis Vuitton Brown Cherry Two Piece Bikini
Chanel bag with black CC
CHANEL SHOES come in BLACK color
Louis Vuitton CHERRY LRG WALLET along with other ones
Gucci Sneakers for Either Women or Men
Various BANGLES...from dior, chanel etc
Gucci Large Horsebit Hobo Bag---Beige
RHINESTONE Faceplates for any cell phone you have
Christian Dior Jadore Dior Shirt
Louis Vuitton Cherry Speedy 25
Louis Vuitton Brown Belt
Louis Vuitton Brown Large Wallet
2005 Louis Vuitton Fall Denim Handbag
White Louis Vuitton High-Heeled Shoes
Brown Monogram Louis Vuitton Shoes
Brown Speedy 30 Louis Vuitton
Beige/Caramel Colored Louis Vuitton Bath robe
Grey Gucci Monogram Shoes with White Trim
Light Yellow Louis Vuitton Handbag
Black Chanel Bag with Brown CC's
White Rhinestone Dior High-Heeled Shoes
Gucci Waist Pouch
PINK Louis Vuitton Bag
Baby Blue Louis Vuitton Material Handbag
EXCLUSIVE Gucci Crocodile Handbag with the Gucci Silk Scraf Around
Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano Bag
Pink Blossom Louis Vuitton Flower Large Wallet
Black Louis Vuitton ALMA BAG
Black Multicolored Louis Vuitton Like a Carry Tote
Louis Vuitton White Multi-colore Audra...
FABOLOUS Brown Gucci Ankle High Heel Shoes
White CHANEL rhinestone Earrings
Louis Vuitton Denim Bag ( 2005 fall collection)
Louis Vuitton Neo Black Speedy Bag **HoT**
Louis Vuitton Black Neo Handbag with Silver Monograms
Christian Dior Rasta Saddle Bag
Christian Dior BLACk Saddle Bag With GOLD Dior Words
Christian Dior Pink ~*GiRLY*~ Saddle Bag With Rhinestones
Dior Pink Short Sleeved Sparkly T-Shirt
Clear Louis Vuitton Plastic Pouchette
Louis Vuitton Leather Brown Pouchette
White OR Black Ballerina CHANEL Shoes
Gucci Cruise Handbag with Gucci Silk Scraf Attached
Louis Vuitton Cherry Summer Shoes!
Grey GUCCI wedged Shoes with Wooden Bottom
Rock & Republic Short Skirt
Rock & Republic Jeans BY VICTORIA BECKHAM
Chanel Stud Earrings
Louis Vuitton 2005 Denim Flat Shopper
Louis Vuittin Mini 2006 Wallet
Louis Vuitton Multicolor White Beauty/Cosmetic Case LV
Louis Vuitton White Speedy 30 Multicolored
Matching Louis Vuitton White Large Wallet
White Louis Vuitton Low Heel Open-Toe Shoe
Louis Vuitton Denim Wallet (Large Size)
Miniture Denim Fur Handbag

Louis Vuitton Clear Brown Plastic Pouchette
Girls have you ever had problems wear you're going out with the girls to the club and you want to bring you're make up bag, and other things but all you're purses are too big to take to the club for a good night out? Well here is the answer this bag is stylish, sexy and small. You can fit you're make up, car keys, and any other little object and you look hot!

We ship by regular post office mail that will provide you as the customer a tracking number, where then you can track you're parcel. Shipping for this louis vuitton brown plastic pouchette is $10.00 within Canada, and $14.00 to the United States. If you are a international buyer please contact me before hand by e-mail and let me know where you'd like you're parcel sent to and that way I can find the correct shipping cost to that specific location.
Payment Methods:
We accept:
-Money Orders
-Cash (locally)
-Bank Wire Transfer
-Western Union

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